I have 3 new pieces in a group exhibition in Tokyo at Gallery COMMON, Shibuya-ku that opens tonight. All the artists involved were asked to find 3 objects that have been used, discarded, second hand and give them new life so that they can once again enter back into a new market with a different value. I found my 3 objects in a charity shop, second hand furniture market and a jumble sale. 


Gallery COMMON
2F, 5-11-1, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 21st – 29th September.

Gallery COMMON aims to find new value other than a classical art and collaborates with many artists to create one off art pieces using found objects or products that have been thrown away. Junk that is lined up in the market, stuff that is broken and things that are clean but left unwanted. We asked these artists to put a new value onto these found objects by customizing them with their own twist. We believe we will be able to create a new art market together with these artist through this project.